Ways to Balance Technical & Non-Technical SEO

SEO experts are aware of the fact that for technical and non-technical SEO, tactics and strategies differ vastly. In fact, technical and non-technical SEO shouldn’t be pitted against each other as it can affect the health of the site. Even experts of a leading Ottawa SEO Company feel that working with them can be very difficult. The reason is very simple. Both the SEO are completely different.

Care should be taken by SEO experts in order to learn about both technical and non-technical SEO. In order to make any SEO campaign successful, it should be used separately.

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What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the framework on which a great content is built. It will try to ensure that each piece of content is structured well and optimized for search engines.  It would help a site to become easily discoverable across search engines. In this blog, you will get to know the right process for balancing between technical and non-technical stuff.

  • Understand the Role of Technical SEO

Many organizations perform the function of technical SEO separately. Technical SEO tries to understand the need of both teams like the development team. For example, they can foresee how a data security policy when implemented can affect a marketing campaign. Hence, a Ottawa SEO Company expert can talk with the developers about possible marketing strategy as they know the limitations of the site.

In fact, they can advise others teams in the way their services can remain compliant for search engines. Technical SEO experts should be a part of the planning process. They should help with optimization so that the search engines can index and rank the site.

  • Balancing On-page and Off-page Optimization

Both forms of optimization can help content to perform well. SEO experts can easily help businesses to find a perfect balance between on-page and off-page optimization.  Any good Ottawa SEO Company will try to keep in mind following factors:

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On page SEO

  • Site’s structure
  • Title Tag and Meta Description
  • Internal linking
  • Coding errors

Off-page SEO

  • Social content & Sharing
  • Article and guest blog
  • Inbound Links


  • Defining the Responsibilities of each SEO

A good Ottawa SEO Company will try to keep both technical and non-technical SEO separate. They will ensure that both tasks under them shouldn’t overlap with each other. Or else, it can create confusion. So both separate functions must be discussed in advance.

  • Working SEO within Content

SEO experts should keep in mind about the content rules and expectations. Content should be properly optimized and should have proper links. At this point of time, care should be taken to optimize the site. A good SEO team can help with content creation process.

  • Balance Technical and Non-Technical within Budget Time

A Ottawa SEO Company knows it very well that budgeting for can become very difficult at times. Every business wants to gain high-returns and for this a strong effective strategy is important. A good SEO strategy can be achieved within a good budget.

Following these tips can help businesses to balance both technical and non-technical aspects in a better way. A perfect balance between two fields can help with an improved ranking across SERPs.

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