Surprising uses for Visitor Management and Sign In Apps

A lot of employers are always looking for key insights of the workforce. They are consistently seeking answers to some standard questions such as:

  •   Is the workplace suitable as per the employee’s comfort?
  •   What are the workplace occupancy levels?
  •   How can the employee engagement be improved?

Apart from employees, a group of individuals is hired to take care of the visitors. And to improve the visitor experience significantly, sign in app is vital.

A sign in app has many applications apart from checking in clients and vendors. It is now available as a smartphone sign-in app. This article shows some benefits that can be achieved through sign in app.

sign in app

  1. Registration for job seeking candidates

Apart from clients, vendors, and partners, two types of visitors should have a positive first impression viz. Job candidates and new hires. If a candidate encounters an empty desk with old style outlook in the lobby, your business does not give a “modern” vibe.

On the other hand, visitors checking in via an iPad with a sign-in app near the front desk, creates a positive impression about the organization.

With the help of a kiosk and sign in app, once the applicant signs in, the hiring manager will receive notifications via text or email. Any documentation such as NDA can be filled prior to interview using the sign-in app available on the kiosk or iPad. The data will be directly stored in the database, saving any manual entry work. New hires can use the sign in app to know where to find their hiring manager on the first day.

sign in apps

  1. Security Aspects

Sign in app can stop any potential unwelcome visitors in the lobby itself. If the visitor doesn’t know the person, they are meeting, receptionist or security personnel can search the data of the employee and contact them. Once, authorized, they can be escorted inside the building with a visitor badge. Visitor data of people who are not permitted on the premises can be accessed through the sign-in app. It can be configured to alert security personnel who can escort unwanted visitors to the exit.


  1. Contractor Management

Recent trends show that more and more independent contractors and consultants are traveling to client locations and becoming part of the workforce. Physical sign-in sheet near front desk can disclose information easily. A sign in app can prevent contractors from accessing to information about visitors. When a contractor checks in using an iPad sign-in app, their host will be alerted immediately, and they can be assigned badges and workstations. Employees can easily check if contractors have left or failed to show up.

Sign in app is a very useful tool and a lot of advantages can be taken from its various features. A simple sign-in app can cut down paperwork and waiting time at the front desk. Also, the security aspects are enhanced significantly reducing any chances of corporate espionage or data leak. Entry logs can be monitored in real time giving a help to the security personnel.

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