What is the Best Provider?

Satellite Internet, your always-on, High-Speed satellite Internet ...When I come home from work, I like to watch a lot of tv because I feel like I work so hard during the day that I am warranted to just go home and sit on my couch and a little television to be able to just sack out and relax. I am confused when I look at the commercials that compare satellite internet to my current cable modem. To me, it all looks the same as there are so many different internet providers. I found out that half of the providers advertising to me on tv are not even available in my local area.

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Quality Check for Speakers

Quality Check for SpeakersDifferent types of speakers have distinct compositions. A two way speaker comes with a woofer to create the lower frequencies and a tweeter to reproduce the higher frequencies. It can come with a crossover which is an electrical component that directs sounds to the drivers according to their pitch. If this part is not built into the speaker cabinet, the controls are usually found on separate sets of terminals often located at the back of the unit.

Speakers can be set up differently according to the number of bands that the sound is split into – there are two way speakers that make use of more than two drivers for sound reproduction. The set up can include several woofers and tweeters which are divided into two bands. A full range speaker is one that utilizes just one driver to reproduce both high and low frequency sounds. Other systems come in 3 or 4 way set-ups and they come with several drivers to produce varied band frequencies.

Some enthusiasts think that having multiple bands makes for better sound reproduction but the only way that you can test this is for you to listen to two distinct set-ups using the same volume level in one room. You can generally determine which of the two speakers is better by the quality of sound that is produced in that controlled environment.

Another way to determine speaker quality is to check the feedback for specific brands. RCF is a known manufacturer of quality speakers. The company’s reputation goes back for more than six decades starting from the time that they set roots in a city in Italy. Throughout the years, they have become more popular by coming up with innovative designs and improved production methods for different audio products. Their current product line covers the range from single set-ups to bigger and more complicated projects.

Today, the company caters to a global market and has sales channels in different countries all over the globe. They maintain relationships with professional distributors who actively promote and sell their audio equipment. Speakers are one of their best selling products. The company carries a wide range of options for all kinds of systems that are used by sound rental companies, musicians, and engineers, among others. The RCF ART310A is a great example of an excellent speaker unit. It comes with a precision transducer and is housed in a cabinet that’s made from the finest materials. All speaker units pass through a team of skilled woodworkers which ensures that every speaker cabinet is properly hand finished.

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Surveying the SEO Landscape in New York City

New York SEO companiesFor those of you in New York, most people have been aspiring to take their business in front of its right audience. There are a lot opportunities in the name of SEO companies here in the city which specializes in various services of search engine optimization, web development, social media marketing, content marketing and related services. Most of these SEO companies in New York City are equipped with the latest in house technologies which are constantly updated on the Search engine optimization frontier, backed up by a professional workforce.

So, before you choose the right SEO company in New York, here is a brief write up on how to narrow down the best in the business.

Educate thyself – The best way to find an able New York SEO company which could create a successful online presence for your business is to be informed about the current trends of the market. Educate thyself on the various available SEO techniques to increase brand awareness and thereby enable a steady following for your business. This would help you to choose the company based on our needs and also avert the ignorance tag.

Set your expectations – So, educating thyself helps you set your expectations to your vendor which will help you ascertain who can handle your business in the best possible way. By doing so, you can deliver your brand’s message promptly to the SEO company, which will help you reach your audience better with your proud products.

Budget considerations – With many SEO companies available in and around New York, you can choose the best company based on your budget constraints too.

With the help of these criteria, you can narrow down on the best available companies in the city of New York. To further facilitate your search, we have provided some of the best SEO companies in New York.

Tracemedia: The number one ranked SEO Company in New York, Tracemedia has been offering top class services in Keyword research and traffic projections along with competition analysis and performance metrics. Keeping up to the name of being branded the top company, Tracemedia has overwhelming reviews from its clients on its website.

Brandz : With more than 6 years of experience, eBrandz has been pioneering in executing search engine optimization to its clients with over 6000 successful search engine marketing projects. Apart from New York, they also have offices in London, Mumbai and Singapore, thereby having a global reach.

Yellow SEO: This is one of those SEO companies which you should hit in New York, if you want to stay top with higher ranks. At Yellow SEO, you are guaranteed to make your website stand apart and help you stay up there for quite a while. Located in Manhattan, Yellow SEO specializes in Pay per click management too.

SearchTroop : This affordable SEO Company which is also a Social media agency has been helping businesses attain success in online marketing by a variety of services like Organic SEO, Social media marketing, Local internet marketing, Pay per click management and more.

Apart from these, there are so many other budding SEO companies which have made use of the New York City’s business horizons to its maximum and benefitted from it. A search on the internet would also help you in fetching a fair idea of the successful SEO companies in New York too.

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Strumming Up with the G&L Tribute Legacy

Strumming Up with the G&L Tribute Legacy

I got a new G&L Tribute Legacy based on a friendly advice. Sure glad I took it. There are 22 frets that are clearly marked and it resembles a Strat but with the G&L features mixed in. The look is quite exclusive and is very distinctive in style. It comes with standard Strat pickups which are single coil and a string through style bridge. The body looks really great and the tone is fairly resonant. I really like that the design is a blend of classic Alnico V pickups with updated details. The body of the guitar has a nice finish and looks top-caliber. 


The tone is really great for the blues which is my personal favorite. It produces a smooth, warm tone and if you use it with a nice tube amp, you’ll experience a more intense sound quality that is a trademark of a G&L guitar. I like that you can play it simply, without any effects – but it gives a nice full sound that can be played loud. There’s really not much to go by way of variety in tone but I’m pretty satisfied with that. The resonance is not as loud without an amp so playing outdoors or at events would require the use of one.


I got a brand new unit seeing that it’s my first instrument and I did not want to have to deal with details that I don’t totally understand. Have not encountered any problems with this guitar considering that its’ really priced low compared to other brands. I got it with everything set just right – all that was left was to play the instrument, which I did. The pickups were adjusted well so the action was really good. The store owner however advised me that I can just go back to the store if the intonation is out


 It’s still too early to tell at this point although I have high hopes for this guitar. I’ve played some tunes for my friends and joined them in some gigs and it still looks great even with the travelling that I’ve done. There were also a couple of times that I’ve accidentally bumped it against some surfaces and so far, the finish is still intact. There are also no visible scratch marks even if I’ve hit some objects with it. Could be beginner’s luck but I’m really glad I got this guitar.

What I Think About My G&L Guitar
Tones are flawless that is the winning trademark of this brand.
Look and Feelwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.com
Has that classic look but wouldn't hurt if they try out updating their designs to appeal to younger population.
It's affordable and this brand boasts of products that are expected to last for a long time.
I am excited to try out some of my tunes using this guitar. I am quite satisfied with this purchase and in fact, I am scouting for a nice strap that would complement this guitar.

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The Positive and Negative Aspects of Artificial Intelligence

In our modern era, we always strive for innovation. This is one of the many good aspects of human beings, being ambitious. Even in the past, people aspire for something great like robots, super computers and many more. Nowadays, even if we are still in the middle of making our dreams come true for a modern Earth, we are slowly making our progress.

Artificial intelligence is one of the promising inventions that some of the people are excited about. Many contend that artificial intelligence will change the face of how we live our life. There are movies that popularize artificial intelligence and we see a promising future with artificial intelligence in our side. However, there also others who are not so optimistic about it and fear that artificial intelligence may bring more harm than good.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Some people insist that artificial intelligence can bring more destruction to the people. For one, there are movies like I, Robot that depict our future with the advancement of artificial intelligence and most of the movies suggest that products with artificial intelligence may fight against us. Some people believe that in the future, robots with artificial intelligence can overpower us because they are smarter and possess super human powers which are very frightening. Furthermore, because computer and robots are more accurate in their work, they can replace the human workforce and create fewer jobs for people.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

On the other hand, others believe the opposite and insist that artificial intelligence has a lot of advantages. Artificial intelligence can make work faster and therefore it makes life easier. There are jobs that are dangerous for humans such as disarming bombs but with artificial intelligence, we can just send a robot to the field and disarm the bomb. We can spare lives and make the situation a lot safer. Another reason, with artificial intelligence, it can help us with our passion with innovation. It can help us achieve greatness when it comes to inventing things like producing massive buildings and many more.

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