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Using Artificial Intelligence in Diagnosing Drug Addiction


Artificial intelligence is defined as “a branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like humans.” This specific field of technology has fascinated people for decades, due to it being showcased in numerous science fiction Hollywood movies. Nevertheless, with the way technology has advanced through the years, the use of AI, as artificial intelligence is usually called, is becoming increasingly common in human-machine interactions. (more…)

Artificial Intelligence: News From around the World that You Should Think On


We’ve had many movies and books that regard artificial intelligence with much fear. From the ever popular Terminator series to the Geth in Mass Effect, AI has always seemed like it would pose a big threat to us. While it may be a scary concept, it doesn’t stop us from developing real AI. During these times of fast technological advancement, true AI is becoming a reality. So, how are we doing this exactly? Well, like we do with all difficult matters, scientists and engineers have been taking their time as they build a thinking machine. Here are some of the most important developments in the field of AI and robotics. (more…)

How Technology has Benefited the Provision of Health Care Services


The world today is undoubtedly technology-driven. Rarely will anyone let a day pass without checking an email, sending a message to a loved one through a mobile device, or reading an online news item. People even go to the internet to book vacations, do their shopping and read books. In short, technology has pervaded even the simplest tasks in people’s lives that it would not be surprising to hear many say that they would be unable to survive without the advantages provided by technology.

One area that has certainly benefited from technology is health care. The advancement of technological devices and equipment, together with the development of computer applications have transformed the way in which health-based information is obtained, shared and communicated.

Firstly, the internet has become a primary resource for all types of medical information. If a person needs to know the basics about a disease and its treatment, it is no longer necessary to make an appointment with a physician to obtain it. Instead, he can go online and read about it from appropriate websites. Obviously, being more knowledgeable about a medical condition does not mean that one should self-medicate and forgo consulting a specialist. However, it will certainly make a patient more empowered, especially if he learns about different treatment options. A prime example of this would be a cancer patient opting to complement conventional medical treatments with alternative ones, such as using medical marijuana to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy. Several websites in the internet share useful information on the medicinal properties of cannabis, such as this site for a medical marijuana Spokane dispensary.

Another new technology that health facilities have made good use of is social media. Taking advantage of the fact that almost everyone utilizes it to communicate and share information, several hospitals and clinics have taken to Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, chat sites and forums to contact patients, arrange appointments, reply to inquiries, send reminders, or alert the public on medical emergencies and raise awareness. With such capabilities, these medical centers have been able to provide more efficient health services to a wider segment of the population.

Computer applications that specialize in the storage and retrieval of patients’ medical information are becoming increasingly invaluable to health facilities. Information systems that are capable of integrating data such as medical history, medications, allergies, laboratory test results and other types of relevant information enable physicians to respond more efficiently to patients’ needs and to take a more comprehensive and holistic approach in diagnosing and treating medical conditions.

Considering the numerous benefits that technology has provided to health care, it would be safe to say that in the years to come, health care and the medical industry as a whole will continue to utilize technological innovations and advancements to provide better health services. To the millions of patients around the world, this is indeed good news.

Technology Meets Marijuana


So, how do you decide which strain of marijuana you want?  If you don’t live in a State where medical marijuana is legal, the chances are you just take what you can get your hands on, right?  Those States where it is legal offer quite a bit more choice, making it difficult to decide exactly what you want.

Making the Choice for You

No more stressing, a brand new company has started up, a company that uses the latest technology to choose for you. The company is called PotBotics and they use a combination of marijuana science and neuroscience to determine the best choice of marijuana for you.

The people behind the company have been developing artificial intelligence for 15 years and, with the addition of DNA and EEG technology, they believe they have the perfect solution.  They believe that what they have will serve those who need medical marijuana with better consultations and better advice.

PotBotics are the very first Biotech company to use robots and artificial intelligence with drugs.  They are dedicated to the business of studying marijuana inside out – from the DNA in a seed to the chemical reactions each strain produces in the brain. 

To do this, the company has split into three separate departments – BrainBot, NanoPot and PotBot.  NanoPot is the agricultural department that uses advanced technology in gene radar to analyses the genetics of marijuana. In this way, they will be able to come up with genetically perfect growth plans to ensure each harvest produces a top yield.

BrainPot uses EEG digital imaging to analyses the condition of the brain while using marijuana, by strain.  Doctors will be able to better prescribe the right strain for a condition. And PotBot takes the information from both of these divisions and allows it to use artificial intelligence to determine what strain you need.

PotBot is not available commercially just yet but, when it is, you will be able to access it from street kiosks, mobile apps, and vending machines. This will be the absolute sharpest of cutting edge technology. PotBot is unique and is set to change everything about the way we choose and use.  In the meantime, you will have to continue getting your prescription filled at clinics like this Portland dispensary.

Marijuana Detection in Airport through Modern Machines


Despite the legalization of marijuana in certain states, it is still considered illegal in many other states and in several countries outside the US. Therefore, airports still employ machines that can detect marijuana possession. In fact, there are more researches being funded in order to create machines that will intensify the detection of the drug.

In 2010, it is said that there are over 1,000 high tech scanning devices deployed in several airports across the US. Since the federal government does not seem to approve the legalization of marijuana any time soon, we can expect more of these scanners to be deployed as a part of the government’s efforts to crackdown marijuana use.

Staying Safe

If you possess marijuana which is used for medical purposes and you are going to airport security, it would be better to come clean. Don’t wait for these scanners to detect what you have hidden somewhere in your bag or in your body. Even though you wrap them in little baggies, you will still not escape the powerful technology employed these days.

When you are leaving from a state where marijuana is legal, you will still have no assurance of boarding. This is true especially if you are heading to a state or a country where marijuana possession and use is illegal, even for medical purposes.

Is It Worth the Price?

The effort of the government to crackdown marijuana users might seem like a good one, but is it really worth the price? Instead of spending billions of dollars in funding marijuana detection researches, the government can just legalize marijuana and tax it. By then, the government does not have to follow all these illegals as their activity will already be considered legal. Besides, in states like Colorado where recreational marijuana is legal, there is really no big problem being faced. Most of all, they should consider those who are using marijuana for medicinal purposes. They need to live like normal people. They need to travel and see the world. However, if each time they travel with their medication with them, they will be barred. It is totally unfair for them.

When traveling to certain cities, there are accessible dispensaries though. If you’re traveling to Portland for example, check out this website for a list of Portland dispensaries.

The Future of Marijuana Cultivation


With marijuana gradually being legalized across the United States, it’s no surprise that it is one of the biggest agricultural businesses. Because of the legalization, cultivation has quickly gone from a back yard business to full on mass production.

I recently saw a video showing off what is possibly the first official cannabis production factory in Oakland, California. It’s a 60,000 sq. ft. factory, enough to house around 30,000 plants. And, astonishingly, it could produce in the region of $50 million of marijuana – every single year.

License to Thrill

A company called Gropech has built the state of the art facility. They are a non-profit business and, should their license application be approved, they have promised to create jobs and all profits will be reinvested in the area.

The facility would be able to supply medical dispensaries across the State of California and the idea is to create an aura of transparency around the business of growing marijuana.

Up until now, Californian law has been aimed mainly at retailers, forgetting about the wholesale side of the business. Because of this, a good proportion of the marijuana that is sold in dispensaries comes from environments that are not regulated and are often not too clean either, unlike this Portland dispensary where strict testing takes place. If the facility is given the go-ahead, it will change the face of the supply side forever.

Building for the Future

To ensure that the facility was top of the range, Gropech hired mechanical and electrical engineers, along with horticulturists, to ensure that laboratory-quality conditions were met in an environmentally friendly way.

All efforts have been geared towards lessening problems that affect the cultivation of marijuana and will aim to use solar energy and reduce the amount of wastewater down to zero.

Growing indoors presents more of a challenge than growing outdoors. Lighting has to be correct, along with the heat and water. Mold and bugs are prevalent in indoor environments and, if pesticides have to be used, these are passed on to the medical marijuana user – which isn’t too healthy.

If the facility gets its permit, it will be a huge day for the medical marijuana industry.

The Easy Way to Take Your Hit


Weed-psd44099We all know that smoking is bad for you; we know it kills people and so many people say the same thing about marijuana smoking. The truth is, there have never been any recorded deaths form marijuana use – ever.

That said, there is now a new and healthier way to get your high from marijuana – vaping. Vaporizers are the latest in technology to enable smokers to get their nicotine buzz and there are now companies who make them for the herbal industry as well.

What Are They?

The most common form of vaporizer is the e-cigarette but portable devices have now been made for the use of marijuana. Vaporizers are simple devices that apply heat to liquid which then causes a vapor and that’s what you breathe in. For marijuana use, the herb is either cooked at a temperature that ensures it doesn’t combust or an oil derivative is used.

Is it Safe?

Being such a new technology, it is difficult to say just how safe it is. There is no doubt that, whether its cigarette or marijuana vaping you are after, it is safer than actually inhaling.  The cannabis vaporizer does still deliver that smoke to your lungs; it does still release (quite a bit more) cannabinoids without any waste from burning.  Smoked marijuana contains around 88% cannabinoids whereas, with vaped marijuana, that goes up to 95%.

Is it Legal?

That cannot really be answered fully as the law is still catching up with the speed at which vaping is taking off. However, in States where marijuana is now legal then there is no issue with using a vaporizer.

Where Do I Get One?

Again, in States where the drug is legal, you should be able to buy one from any marijuana accessory shop. However, possibly the best place to look is on the internet. You will get a far wider choice and every day more and more are entering the market as technology is ramped up.

I found a number of excellent ones online and I also found an excellent source of vapor accessories so that you can stock up and never be without your favorite product.

50 Years After Elisa, A Computer Passes the Turing Test


The concept of an AI which can pass the Turing test has been the subject of science fiction and computer science research. Since the days of the first home microcomputer, the idea has become iconic and has seen several programs which have been shared among enthusiasts. One of the first iterations was called “Eliza”. The program itself used a natural speech processing system called “DOCTOR” and was written between 1964 and 1966 at MIT by Joseph Weizenbaum.

Pattern Matching

Succeeding programs built up on the pattern matching algorithms, and even users who know that it was just a program would get attached to it, feeling that it was a real person answering and giving questions. Today’s online chatterbots use basically the same algorithms. Although nowadays, chatterbots make use of sophisticated search engine connections to give better answers, and give an even better conversational experience.

Siri and Friends

Most conversations with chatterbots have been interesting and funny. The people who look up and use chatterbots know that it’s an AI program embedded in a website. The standards for today’s consumer -level AI remains to be Apple’s Siri. Whatever criticisms there are about Siri, it remains as the undisputed benchmark because it works, and it has a wide-reach when it comes to searching for relevant answers. The feedback mechanism for the site has made it possible to include comments and suggestions into the AI.

There have been competitors for the mobile-based AI market. Although there can be no direct comparison in terms of usage because of the difference in platforms, Siri is still the most user-friendly implementation so far. The other offerings for Android and Windows 8, have not come anywhere near the quality of answers from Siri. Though that may be because of the search functionality instead of the AI itself.

Conversations Going Round

Starting a conversation with an Eliza program is a trippy experience. When you think about it, it’s as much like talking to yourself while under the influence of marijuana. You know something funny is going on, but you just don’t realize that it’s the effect of the conversation. It is an innocuous exchange which usually starts with a “getting to know you” statement like “hello”. After getting a few statements in, you are slowly immersed into thinking that this program is answering on its own. Initially you may notice that it is repeating or paraphrasing the question. However, after a while you start to forget that it does not offer any original thought. Throwing this concept further and adding a search for relevant internet information, and you have Siri answering your questions. Of course, errors do occur. There is that one time that Siri was asked for the best smartphone and iPhone was not mentioned. This was later traced to an obscure search result which listed some low-volume and outdated models.

The news that a computer has passed the Turing test for AI is a welcome news. No matter what critics would think, it still takes a lot of processing power to get to that level. Serious computing power is required, and if you have that machine, you should be mining bitcoins instead.

What is the Best Provider?


HughesNet_74_HN9000_LWhen I come home from work, I like to watch a lot of tv because I feel like I work so hard during the day that I am warranted to just go home and sit on my couch and a little television to be able to just sack out and relax. I am confused when I look at the commercials that compare satellite internet to my current cable modem. To me, it all looks the same as there are so many different internet providers. I found out that half of the providers advertising to me on tv are not even available in my local area.

Quality Check for Speakers


Quality Check for SpeakersDifferent types of speakers have distinct compositions. A two way speaker comes with a woofer to create the lower frequencies and a tweeter to reproduce the higher frequencies. It can come with a crossover which is an electrical component that directs sounds to the drivers according to their pitch. If this part is not built into the speaker cabinet, the controls are usually found on separate sets of terminals often located at the back of the unit.

Speakers can be set up differently according to the number of bands that the sound is split into – there are two way speakers that make use of more than two drivers for sound reproduction. The set up can include several woofers and tweeters which are divided into two bands. A full range speaker is one that utilizes just one driver to reproduce both high and low frequency sounds. Other systems come in 3 or 4 way set-ups and they come with several drivers to produce varied band frequencies.

Some enthusiasts think that having multiple bands makes for better sound reproduction but the only way that you can test this is for you to listen to two distinct set-ups using the same volume level in one room. You can generally determine which of the two speakers is better by the quality of sound that is produced in that controlled environment.

Another way to determine speaker quality is to check the feedback for specific brands. RCF is a known manufacturer of quality speakers. The company’s reputation goes back for more than six decades starting from the time that they set roots in a city in Italy. Throughout the years, they have become more popular by coming up with innovative designs and improved production methods for different audio products. Their current product line covers the range from single set-ups to bigger and more complicated projects.

Today, the company caters to a global market and has sales channels in different countries all over the globe. They maintain relationships with professional distributors who actively promote and sell their audio equipment. Speakers are one of their best selling products. The company carries a wide range of options for all kinds of systems that are used by sound rental companies, musicians, and engineers, among others. The RCF ART310A is a great example of an excellent speaker unit. It comes with a precision transducer and is housed in a cabinet that’s made from the finest materials. All speaker units pass through a team of skilled woodworkers which ensures that every speaker cabinet is properly hand finished.

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